Aftermath of '96, the movie

Aftermath of '96, the movie

Disclaimer : If you haven't watched the tamil movie 96 then this article will not make sense to you. If you haven't watched the movie yet then you probably should, especially if you are in mid 40s and preparing for life after 50.

The whole world is singing praises of Director Prem kumar and the lead protagonists Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha for the brilliant movie. Sometimes, it is that uncanny combination of right people, right story and some brilliant acting that creates the magic. Well!! I am not going to be one of those movie reviewers to analyze the movie for its story, acting, DOP and of course brilliant music by Govind Vasanthan. I would rather focus on the what this movie did to people who watched it.

Let us first deal with the nahsayers. The big question is about kids/teens falling in love at a young age. Is it believable? Is it really possible? But a large section of us out there who experienced it can vouch that it is possible. Initially it may be a simple appreciation & liking before it becomes heart thumping (literally, in the movie). This is of course when the other person takes equal interest in you and probably starts responding in some way, like as simple as a smile. Is your heart thumping?

What if, Ram was married? Would Jaanu cry her heart out while leaving the airport? or they would have dealt with the situation with same maturity

A friend of mine did get in touch with a girl that he 'thought' was interested in him some 25 years back. In the aftermath of the movie, he got inspired to go look for this girl with whom he hardly spoke even during those years when he knew her. With a bit of research on facebook and some help from her friends, he eventually got hold of her phone number. He couldn't bring himself to call the girl instead he sent a whatsapp message and waited with bated breath for her response. Eventually she responded. After exchanging couple of messages, he realized that she was't really excited to meet him. He quickly realized that everything that he thought was just figment of his imagination. It was a huge disappointment. He realized that he was of better off living with that beautiful memory. It was hard but he is making an effort to move on.