Not very often you common across something that will leave a long lasting impression. It could be a person, an event or a place. You are a different person after that. It will take sometime to sink in.

I recently witnessed, better still, been part of an event that changed me completely. For everyone else it was just a school reunion but for us it was a REUNION. Imagine this, close to 100 individuals (out of overall nearly 200) belonging to same batch meeting after 30 long years. You have to be one of those 100 to understand what it really means. These are people you grew up with. You fought, you cried, you laughed and went through hell a lot of emotions during your childhood. The same set of individuals sitting together and sharing a laugh but this time, little more mature, little more caring and little more love. It is like a treasure trove of friends that you discovered accidentally. Your life suddenly becomes little more interesting and a bit more worthwhile. I see this being a perfect remedy for anyone having a midlife crisis if there is one.

So, who should get credited for this REUNION? The organizers who worked tirelessly or the participants who set aside everything to be there at the event. I think it is both and something more. It is the alma mater, in this case the school itself and of course the amazing teachers. Somewhere it is something to do with the value system that teachers passed on. It may not be just the enthusiasm to meet each other that brought so many of them to the event, it is about commitment to friendship. People stood up to so many people working hard for the event. I feel that it may not be as successful had this event was done 10 or 20 years back. It has also something to do with almost all the individuals being between 45 to 46 years old. There was this feeling that if not now, it will never happen.

Have a great life!!